A Woman of the People

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A Woman of the People

Christie K Foundation Committed to Opening Doors, Building Legacies

By Lynn Pearcey

Each one, teach one, is the mantra that’s floated about in the Black community all too often, especially regarding business. But in too many instances when business is at the center of that conversation, there’s no one to teach. There’s no one to teach how to structure a business, where to go to secure financing, how to manage resources, and myriad other roles and responsibilities that come with owning and running a successful operation. The lack of support and guidance is what Christie K. Moore faced when she set about building her funeral home and crematory. After navigating those choppy waters alone, she committed herself to helping others find their way through the Christie K. Foundation, 

(CKF) a non-profit organization supporting the visions of minority entrepreneurs throughout the DFW metroplex.

The startup landscape is littered with entities promising to help would-be small business owners bring their entrepreneurial dreams to fruition. Some mean well, some are more viable than others, and some never come close to fulfilling their stated promise. That’s not the case with the CKF.

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Photo Credit: via the Christie K. Foundation Site

“We’re wholly committed to equipping historically disadvantaged communities with the tools they need to succeed,” says CKF spokesperson Valese Jones. “We exhaust all of our available resources, up to and including access to the founder herself. That’s what sets us apart. Instead of being guided by exorbitant fees or a price list our target client can’t afford, success – the success of those we’re committed to serving, is our primary source of compensation.”

Grace and excellence are the guiding principles that Moore, a graduate of Hampton University and former FBI forensic scientist, founded her organization on. 

“In communities of color, we know the margin for error is slim, and, in business, sometimes it’s non-existent. We don’t get the benefit of the doubt, second chance, or do-overs. When it comes to minorities and business, the first impression is the lasting impression, and that’s why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing them for the challenges they’ll face.”


As previously mentioned, Moore found out the hard way: wanting success and finding your way to it are two entirely different things. At the tender age of 9, she was introduced to the business. From that point forward, Moore knew working in the funeral industry was her life’s calling. Answering that calling was often challenging. 

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“The early days were a struggle for Christie, but the beauty of it all is how she uses that struggle as a template to help others overcome theirs. No matter what a client comes up with, she’s faced it, and with her arsenal of resources, she can help them overcome it.”

 Moore opened the doors to Mansfield Funeral Home and Cremations over a decade ago. Since then, the service has received numerous local and state recognitions, including being voted “Best in Texas” twice. With two locations and over 20 employees, the business continues to thrive, and plans for further expansion are on the horizon.

 Building solid businesses is essential, but building strong people is equally important to Moore and at the center of the foundation’s heart.

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A photo from the annually held Amythest Gala | Photo Credit: Christie K. Foundation Site

 “There’s a distinct correlation between the well-being of a person and the condition of their business. Part of the model we’ve constructed encompasses ensuring the person, not just the business, is centered and ready for success. When this happens, the person we were able to teach is empowered to go back into the community and teach others, and in that dynamic, everyone wins.”

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