TSTC, South Padre Island police departments share spring break safety tips

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TSTC, South Padre Island police departments share spring break safety tips
Adrian Lerma (left), a TSTC Wind Energy Technology student, shakes hands with TSTC police officer Juan Munoz to say goodbye as he prepares to leave the Harlingen campus and begin spring break. (Courtesy: Texas State Technical College/TSTC)

HARLINGEN — Next week many students in Texas will take time away from their studies and begin spring break, including Texas State Technical College students.

While having fun in the sun at South Padre Island, visiting a lake or taking a road trip sounds exciting, TSTC reminds its students to make it fun and memorable by keeping themselves safe and others who are joining them safe as well.

Recently Sgt. Michael Salinas of TSTC’s police department in Harlingen and Chief Claudine O’Carroll of the South Padre Island Police Department shared some safety tips that college students can consider.

“We ask all spring breakers to do their part and be aware of their surroundings and responsible for their actions while enjoying all that South Padre Island has to offer,” O’Carroll said.

TSTC police advise students on spring break to:

Walk with confidence and be alert. Having a buddy system is important, and be aware of your surroundings. Walk in well-lit areas. Keep your money separate. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Do not accept open or unsealed drinks.

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Lock your vehicle. Park in well-lit areas. Remember to look around the parking lot before exiting and returning to your vehicle. Keep your keys in hand as you approach your automobile. Scan the interior of your vehicle before getting in. Do not exit the automobile for strangers.

Be careful about what you consider posting on social media about vacation. Keep your home’s windows and doors locked. Make sure the exterior and motion sensor lights of your home are on. Ensure that bushes are below three feet and branches are no more than six feet. Put on auxiliary locks. Have an inventory of your personal property and items. Have a trusted friend or family member check on your home while you are away.

The South Padre Island Police Department offered these additional tips:

>> Stay with friends; do not stray away with unknown individuals.

>> Do not ingest products that you do not know the origins of.

>> No underage drinking.

>> Do not drive after drinking.

>> Utilize the many modes of public transportation.

>> Lock up vehicles and valuables.

>> Glass containers are prohibited on the beach.

>> While enjoying the beach, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

>> Report suspicious activity to the South Padre Island Police Department at 956-761-5454.

For more information about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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