Dive Shop in Plano Creates Historic WWII Trip For A Member of Their Dive Club

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Dive Shop in Plano Creates Historic WWII Trip For A Member of Their Dive Club

Scuba Adventures has announced a unique scuba diving expedition centered around a compelling family history. 

Fueled by the personal quest of Lissa Bennatt Esch, Scuba Adventures will embark on a journey to explore the remnants of her grandfather’s World War Two B-24 bomber, the “Woody Woodpecker”, 80 years after its fateful descent in Indonesia.

Lissa Bennatt Esch, a member of the Scuba Adventures Dive Squad,

began her scuba diving journey in 2021. Her aspiration was to explore the bomber plane that her grandfather survived, which currently lies about 70 feet underwater.

The B-24 Liberator, also known as the “Woody Woodpecker,” found its final resting place in the waters of Lembeh in 1945.

As this wreck is not a popular dive site in the area, it was difficult for Esch to find a company willing to take her to this wreck and fulfill her dream. So, she contacted her local Plano dive shop, Scuba Adventures. 

Teaming up with local operators, Scuba Adventures crafted a trip tailored to the GPS coordinates of the wreck, turning Esch’s dream into reality.

“It’s incredible how much the community has grown around Scuba Adventures, and we are able to go on such meaningful trips together,” said owner, Brent Webb.

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“We’re honored to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.”

Esch and other members of the Scuba Adventures Dive Squad will enjoy a private charter in Indonesia, starting at Bitung Harbour, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The liveaboard will take divers to the exact location of the Liberator and dive on it 80 years after it was scuttled.


The meticulously planned 12-night itinerary will stop at numerous popular dive sites on their journey to and from the “Woody Woodpecker” including the Lembah Strait, Banka Island and more. 

The journey promises to be a profound blend of historical significance and personal connection before circling back to Bitung Harbour.

“I need to thank Scuba Adventures Plano for making my dreams possible,” said Esch. “You took us in and made us part of your family.”

Scuba divers interested in going on this unique expedition in February 2025 can still sign up (with limited availability). Due to the nature of the dives, divers are required to have an Advanced Open Water certification, or equivalent, with a minimum of 50 logged dives.

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Scuba Adventures in Plano, TX offers a variety of services to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex including open water certification (become a scuba diver), a full retail and training center, equipment service, equipment rental, international dive travel and more! 

For more information on how to become a scuba diver, or join the Scuba Adventures dive community, call Scuba Adventures Plano at (972) 423-3483 or visit their website at scubaplano.com.

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