T. Mancuso Defies Gravity with Uplifting New Synth-Pop Anthem

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T. Mancuso Defies Gravity with Uplifting New Synth-Pop Anthem

Dallas, TX – Feb. 14, 2024 – Buckle up, synth-pop fans! Acclaimed solo artist T. Mancuso blasts off with their electrifying new single, “Gravity,” available now on all major streaming platforms.exclamation This infectious track serves as the title song for the forthcoming Gravity EP, a sonic journey through shimmering melodies and pulsating rhythms, reminiscent of the golden age of 80s synth-pop.

“Gravity is a ‘Retro New Wave Future Love Song’ all about the power and strength of the heart. It looks at the balance of love being freeing and holding us captive all at the same time. ‘I need more thrust please’ is a modern day anthem of escaping from the pull of relationships.” – T. Mancuso


“Gravity” is a potent blend of catchy hooks, driving bass, and soaring vocals, bringing that authentic 80s new wave vibe to the dance floor. The accompanying music video takes viewers on a visually stunning adventure, perfectly complementing the song’s uplifting energy.

The Gravity EP is packed more synth-pop gems, including the tracks “Charlotte,” “When We Die,” “Something Sentimental,” and an unplugged cover of “Only You” all showcasing T. Mancuso’s unique talent for crafting timeless pop anthems with a distinctly 80s flair.

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“T. Mancuso is a breath of fresh air in the synth-pop scene, offering infectious melodies and nostalgic vibes that instantly captivate the listener,” says Gemini, Google’s new AI engine.

Don’t miss out on the gravitational pull of T. Mancuso’s music!

T. Mancuso Defies Gravity with Uplifting New Synth-Pop Anthem 8


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T. Mancuso continues to support local & regional tours, is available for Vocals / Sax / Recording projects upon request – more info/concert dates www.TMancusoMusic.com

Streaming Artist socials: YT | fb | IG @TMancusoMusic

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