Regain Independence – a Chicago Based Company is Offering One-stop Mobility Solutions

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Regain Independence – a Chicago Based Company is Offering One-stop Mobility Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, the journey to reclaiming one’s independence is a universal pursuit, transcending the boundaries of age and circumstance. Whether individuals are on the path to recovery post-surgery, grappling with the complexities of chronic pain, or simply aiming to boost their mobility, the road to autonomy need not be a formidable challenge.


Mobility Temporarily: Discover the convenience of wheelchair rentals

Whether recovering from an injury, facing a temporary need, or simply testing the waters, wheelchair rentals offer the perfect solution. At Medical Supplies and Services, Inc., find a diverse fleet of wheelchairs to suit every need and budget. 

Choose from lightweight models for quick errands to reclining wheelchairs for extended comfort. Their flexible rental options come with choices for perfect duration, from a few days to several weeks. 

Experience the freedom of regained mobility without the long-term commitment, and say goodbye to storage hassles after use.

Investing in independence, Buy a wheelchair for long-term freedom.

For those seeking a lasting solution, purchasing a wheelchair can be a life-changing decision. Medical Supplies and Services, Inc. makes the process easy and rewarding. 

Choose from durable manual wheelchairs to convenient electric scooters, all with adjustable features and comfort-enhancing details. 

Buying a wheelchair empowers with daily independence, opens doors to new adventures, and offers peace of mind for the long term. Explore their extensive selection and rediscover the joy of independent mobility.

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Choosing the right wheelchair can feel daunting, but not at Medical Supplies and Services. Their extensive selection caters to every need and lifestyle:

Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs: Glide through daily activities with these maneuverable companions, perfect for navigating tight spaces and regaining independence

Wide Manual Wheelchairs: Experience enhanced comfort and stability with wider seats, ideal for individuals who require additional support. 

Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchairs: Push the boundaries of portability with cutting-edge materials for effortless travel. Perfect for frequent users or those valuing minimal weight, these wheelchairs make adventures a breeze.

Pediatric Wheelchairs: Let little ones explore with confidence and vibrant fun. Their selection of kid-friendly wheelchairs comes in various sizes and features to fit growing bodies and personalities.

Reclining High-Back Wheelchairs: Elevate comfort and support with the ability to recline. Occasional pressure relief or extended periods of rest, these chairs offer personalized positioning options for optimal well-being.

Transport Chairs / Companion Chairs: For short trips or accompanying loved ones, choose a lightweight and foldable transport chair. Compact and easy to store, they make outings and appointments effortless.

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs: Built for strength and stability, these heavy-duty chairs accommodate larger individuals with ease. Available in various weight capacities and seat widths, they ensure confidence and comfort with every move.

Beyond Wheels – Mobility Solution Suite

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Medical Supplies and Services, Inc. understands that independence extends beyond wheelchairs. They provide a comprehensive array of mobility aids to empower:

Electric Mobility Scooters for Rent : Glide effortlessly through the day with freedom of electric mobility scooters. Ideal for navigating longer distances or uneven terrain, choose from compact models for city adventures or larger, heavy-duty options for outdoor escapades.

Hospital Beds for Home Use : Bring the comfort and functionality of a hospital bed at home. Their adjustable, electric hospital beds for home use offer pressure relief mattresses and easy positioning features to promote healing and well-being. Hospital bed can be even opted for purchase in case of a long-term needs.

And More: From walkers and canes to crutches, shower chairs, and grab bars, they offer everything that is needed for a safe and independent life.

Unmatched customer service in comfort

Free Delivery, Setup, and Pickup : It is easy to focus on recovery with simple delivering and scheduled time for setup of wheelchair, scooter, or hospital bed, and taking care of pickup when it is no longer in need.

Knowledgeable Expertise : Their friendly and experienced team is always available to answer questions, guides towards the best mobility solution for individual needs, and helps decide whether to rent or buy a wheelchair.

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White Glove Delivery : Experience peace of mind with their meticulous white glove delivery service. Equipment arrives in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

Same-Day Sales and Rentals (Based on Availability): Get the products that are needed, when in need.  

On-Call Maintenance and Repairs:
Keep equipment in top working order with their team of experienced technicians available for repairs and maintenance

Explore Options and Find Independence:

Visit the Medical Supplies and Services, Inc. website 
Call  (773) 822-7520
Regional offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Houston

Don’t let mobility limitations hold back. Take control and rediscover independence with Medical Supplies and Services, Inc.

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