Monte Alto man dies after arrest for choking his infant son

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Monte Alto man dies after arrest for choking his infant son
Guillermo Rojas

A 39-year-old Monte Alto man died at the hospital early Friday morning following an altercation with Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies who were trying to arrest him for choking his infant son.


In a news release, the sheriff’s office said deputies responded to the 24000 block of Beach Street at 2:10 a.m. for a report that Guillermo Rojas was highly intoxicated and choking his 18-month-old son inside of his vehicle.

When deputies arrived, Rojas was standing in the driveway bleeding, according to the release, which said he didn’t listen to commands to stop resisting.

“Deputies were able to gain control of Rojas and place him in handcuffs and shackles,” the release stated. “Rojas was placed on a stretcher to receive medical treatment for his head injury by paramedics at the scene.”

His 18-month-old son had redness to his neck, but didn’t require further medical attention.

“Deputies were later advised by paramedics that Rojas was unresponsive. Rojas was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased,” the release stated.

Numerous witnesses told investigators that Rojas, who was highly intoxicated, grabbed his son from inside the residence.


“Rojas ran to his truck with the child and locked the truck doors,” the release stated. “Witnesses observed Rojas squeezing the child and the child cried in pain.”

Family members broke the truck window and took the child from Rojas, the release said.

“Investigators were further advised that Rojas followed family members back inside the residence and laid on top of the child. Rojas refused to listen to family members as they tried to get him off the child,” the release stated. “Rojas’s stepson felt his brother was in danger and hit Rojas over the head with a metal pipe wrench to get him off the child.

“He was able to get the child away from Rojas and he ran outside to a neighbor’s house.”

The Texas Rangers are conducting the investigation.

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