Did Texas lawmakers authorize the creation of a database of intimate partner violence offenders?

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Texas legislators meet every two years at the Capitol building in Austin. (Tony Webster | Flickr via Creative Commons License)
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Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 5202 in summer 2023. The bill mandates that the Texas Department of Public Safety create and maintain an online database of people with two or more felony intimate partner violence convictions. Those can include assault, sexual assault and stalking.

The database will include the person’s full name, any aliases and date of birth. It will also include a description of the person and a recent photograph; a list of the offenses they were convicted of and when; the punishment doled out for each offense; and their current status. 


The database must be designed and implemented by Jan. 1, 2024. A person whose name is in the database can petition to have it removed under certain circumstances. 

State Rep. Victoria Neave Criado, D-Dallas, authored the bill.

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The database will join an existing sex offender registration database also operated by the Department of Public Safety.

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Texas Legislature House Bill 5202

CBS News, New bill aims to prevent domestic violence

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