“One Earth One Family” Superstar Award Gala was held in Dallas 11/19/2023

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“One Earth One Family” Superstar Award Gala was held in Dallas 11/19/2023
HRH May Liu announced to build “Royal Han Palace” in Dallas to become a beacon of culture and heritage for all mankind.

On Nov 19th, 2023 afternoon, “One Earth One Family“ Superstar Award Gala was held successfully in Dallas at Apricus Venue, Texas. This event was organized by Superstar Art Foundation, supported by: Superstar Collections Design, Dallas Art Association, Apricus Venue, American Chamber of Commerce of Texas DFW region, MG Capital.


Queen Mariam Amor Leonora Torres from royal family of Philippine sent her greeting video to this event. Mr. Charles Gu, former president of overseas Chinese Affairs Commission of the Republic of China, VIP guest Mr. Stephen Lee and William Tsao gave their warm welcome to the guests.

HRH May Liu, President of Superstar Art Foundation, the 73rd descendant of royal family Liu from Han dynasty, art & humanity consul from imperial order of Culture and Peace, has made welcome speech and announced the developing plan of Royal Han Palace museum in Dallas, the founding of the world first Royal Han Family House in USA. She said: “The “One Earth, One Family” event signifies our commitment to embracing the beauty of our differences and recognizing the common thread that unites us all. In this diverse gathering, we have the opportunity to learn from each other, to appreciate the unique colors and textures that each culture contributes to the grand mosaic of human civilization.” “May the Royal Han Palace stand not only as a symbol of elegance but as a beacon of inclusivity, where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate our shared humanity.” (See HRH May Liu’s full speech)

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#MissEconomicWorld has presented a culture and heritage show at the Superstar Award gala! Dress sponsor Superstar Collections Design exhibits the royal boutique fashion from different dynasties in China history, as well as bridal dress and red carpet gowns from modern design. On the top of the iconic build of Dallas–Reunion Tower, where beauty meets humanity, Miss Economic World 2024 nominees exhibited their beauty and wrote their legacy of humanity on behalf of Dallas for the voice of “one earth and one family”.

Superstar Award artist nominees have showcased their talent in the gala show! Performance including singing, Chinese music instrument playing, comedy show, noodle making, etc,, featuring traditional Chinese culture and heritage. Ms Anna Xiong has composed music and lead the choir team sang the song “One Earth One Family”, ” Mr. Wen Ge sang the song “You don’t really know my heart”, Ms Jin You sang the song “Fishboat”, Ms Kelly Wu sang “Can’t Sleep Tonight”. Ms. Yan Jing from Dallas Art Association has donated her Chinese calligaphy “One Earth One Family“ for this event. The event has determined Superstar Award 2023 Dallas winners as followed:

Superstar Contribution Award winner: Stephen Lee, William Tsao, Charles Gu, Jason Chou, Zhang Jing

Superstar Award-Best New Artist Award: Yan Jing;

Superstar Award-Best Music Award: “One Earth One Family” by Anna Xiong;

Superstar Award-Best Red Carpet Style Award: Isabella & Sophia Berbary;

Superstar Award-Best Performance Award: Fishing boat sings Evening/by Daniel & Anita;


A special honor of Royal Member Certificate was issued to Si Jia Li as investor member of Royal Han Palace program. Lucky draw prize was given to the participants at the end of event.

Let’s give our warmest congratulations to the above winners and supporters of our event, who contribute the time and effort for our humanity adventure in Dallas, joined the momentum for the voice of “One Earth One Family” , we believe, our continues effort on world peace will make a change and create a better future for all mankind!

Superstar Art Foundation

11/19/2023 in Dallas

Follow our next post link to see HRH May Liu’s greeting speech at the event: https://www.superstar-art-foundation.org/post/hrh-may-liu-s-greeting-speech-at-one-earth-one-family-superstar-award-gala-2023-dallas

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