Dallas Indoor Soccer Stadium Scores Big with Senior Wellness Program

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Dallas Indoor Soccer Stadium Scores Big with Senior Wellness Program

In the heart of Richardson, Soccer Spectrum is not just an indoor soccer venue but also a vibrant community hub where senior citizens find their youth. Embracing the spirit of camaraderie and the love of soccer, a group of lively seniors gather bi-weekly for “Silver Soccer,” a program dedicated to keeping the older generation active, engaged, and connected.

The program, which began 12 years ago, owes its start to 78-year-old John Fina, an Italian native and lifelong soccer enthusiast. Recognizing the need for an inclusive space where seniors could play at their own pace, Fina proposed the idea to the Soccer Spectrum owners, securing a regular slot for himself and his peers. Today, the program boasts participants aged 60 and above, including the oldest player, 91-year-old Dario Sifuentes, who intends to play “until I can’t stand.”


The Silver Soccer league is more than a recreational activity; it’s a testament to the lasting impact of sports on health and well-being. The members, including 74-year-old Zequinha, a former teammate of soccer legend Pelé, and Freddy Garcia, who played against Pelé for the Dallas Tornado, showcase a remarkable commitment to the game they have cherished since childhood. Their dedication is so strong that new applicants often have to wait for a spot to open up — a rare occurrence given the health benefits they attribute to the game.

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Post-match, the stadium corner transforms into a celebratory enclave where birthdays are marked with pizza, cake, and, peculiarly, a loaf of bread for the birthday celebrant, a tradition even Fina can’t quite explain. For some, like 86-year-old Armin Gonzalez, Soccer Spectrum has become a sanctuary, a source of therapy, and for Fina, it was quite literally a lifesaver when he suffered a heart attack on the field and was revived by his peers.

Soccer Spectrum proudly supports this extraordinary league, recognizing the immeasurable value it brings to the participants. “It’s more than just soccer; it’s a brotherhood,” Sifuentes expressed. “These players are a family,” added Zequinha. 

About Soccer Spectrum


Soccer Spectrum is an indoor soccer facility located in Richardson, Texas, offering a variety of soccer programs for all ages and skill levels. Committed to fostering a love for the game and promoting health and social interaction, Soccer Spectrum is a premier destination for soccer enthusiasts.

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