Western Hills Little League vandalized, robbed before season’s last game 

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Western Hills Little League vandalized, robbed before season’s last game 

A hole was smashed into the wall on the access stairs in the Western Hills Little League building, left, and over $700 was stolen from a safe. (Courtesy | Western Hills Little League)

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Western Hills Little League postponed all of its final baseball games a day before the season ended.

The sudden change wasn’t because of the rain, but because the league’s building was vandalized and robbed. 

A league board member showed up Oct. 27 to prepare for game day and found the league building door had been pried open, according to other members. Inside, walls were smashed into, trophies were destroyed and food and money were stolen. A parent set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for repairs. 

“It just kind of put a big damper on the season,” said Frank Frontino, president of the league. 

According to the GoFundMe page, nearly $700 was stolen from the safe, along with keys to the building. The intruders also cut off power, spoiling all food in the freezers. 

League secretary Jennifer Strickland waited to tell her two sons who play in the league. She knew it would ruin their weekend. 

“It was just kind of a blow when you put your heart into something and someone trashes it,” she said. 

When Strickland finally told her older son, who is 10, she said she could tell he was upset despite his lack of words. 

“He sat there and kind of just let it stew for a minute,” she said. “You can see his face get kind of red.”

Strickland says authorities have been notified and are looking into the case. 

In the meantime, the baseball teams will get to officially wrap up their season on Saturday, Nov. 4, during make-up games. 

“They’re excited to get to finish everything,” Strickland said. “They’ll get to be with their friends one more time.”

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