Palestine, Self-Defense, and Subjugated Peoples’ Right to Resist

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Last Saturday, another protest in support of the people of Palestine was held in Civic Garden near the West End in Downtown Dallas. The demonstration was held to show public support for not only a ceasefire in Gaza with a return of all political prisoners, but the end to all funding and support from the United States.


“The ethnic cleansing and displacement of Palestinians is a genocide,” a representative from the Dallas Anti-War Committee said to a crowd of over 2000 standing in drizzling rain in Civic Garden. “But who is funding this genocide? The United States of America [is] who enables Israel, who sends 3.6 billion dollars to Israel in money and bombs and missiles and guns, who protects Israel from seeing any consequences from the UN for decades of war crimes, who is soaked in the blood of this genocide.”

As outlined in the last article in this series covering the Holocaust of Palestine, Israel is a Zionist colonial project first officially started through the British Mandate of Palestine was started in 1917 and formally adopted in 1922. Palestine remained under British control until 1948 when the State of Israel was established. Since then, territory has been gradually claimed by Israel and Palestine now only largely consists of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Palestine, Self-Defense, and Subjugated Peoples’ Right to Resist 2
Zionist occupation/colonization of Palestine from 1882 to the present day. Source: VisualizingPalestine.Org

Over decades, Israel has been accused of countless war crimes by both the UN and humanitarian groups worldwide. The Siege of Gaza is no exception, as the UN has condemned Israel’s attacks on civilian zones despite the young nation’s government claim that they provide sufficient warnings with evacuation instructions. Bombing a hospital or a school is one of six grave violations that are identified and condemned by the UN Security Council.

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While Palestinian resistance group Hamas has committed violations under the Geneva Convention, such as the taking of hostages during the conflict, reports referring to the group as terrorists are misleading and present a harmful narrative in addressing indigenous peoples undergoing a genocide. The United Nations General Assembly has explicitly affirmed the people of Palestine’s right to resist Israeli’s armed occupation.

Both the hostages and their families have called for a ceasefire and the exchange of all Palestinian prisoners for the hostages’ release.

Palestine, Self-Defense, and Subjugated Peoples’ Right to Resist 3
The march on Saturday blocked traffic in Downtown Dallas, calling for an end to US aid to Israel. Photo credit: Sam Judy

“Here we are in Downtown Dallas,” chapter leader of the AFL-CIO labor union said at the demonstration. “And there’s Lamar Street right there. Lamar is named for Mirabelle C. Lamar, who was a president of the Republic of Texas. He ran against Sam Houston. His campaign was supported by the Galveston News, which is the parent organization of the Dallas Morning News. And Mirabelle Lamar said, ‘We gotta get rid of Sam Houston, because he’s too soft on the Native Americans.’ Mirabelle Lamar’s program was genocide, Mirabelle Lamar’s program was to kill or remove every Native American in the Republic of Texas. We are standing on Caddo land.”

The Caddo Tribe was eventually overtaken by the Comanche Tribe, after which both tribes underwent respective genocides at the hands of the US government and its settlers. 

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In regard to the plight of the Palestinians, the Weekly has previously pointed out similarities present in both the civil rights movement and the colonization of the Americas. As the right to resist is guaranteed by the Magna Carta – which was created in 1215 and is considered to be the basis of the Declaration of Independence – armed retaliation in conflicts during our land’s colonization could also be described as justifiable with a strong legal argument to support the claim.

Palestine, Self-Defense, and Subjugated Peoples’ Right to Resist 4
Palestinian Youth Movement hosted speakers from their own organization, AFL-CIO of Texas, Dallas Anti-War Committee, and others. Photo credit: Sam Judy

The Darfur genocide, which has been ongoing for the last twenty years, has resulted in up to 400,000 deaths of people from the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups. As resistance groups like the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and the Justice and Equality Movement have taken the opposition against the Sudanese government and associated forces. Despite only exerting control over a small portion of the country, the SLM continues its fight to end the genocide as the UN has offered support in the deployment of the United Nations-African Union (UNAU) mission. However, the UNAU began exiting the region in 2018 after 11 years of conducting peacekeeping efforts.

While the genocide in Darfur has received ample support from the UN, humanitarian aid provided to the civilians, the United States abstained from voting in support of the deployment of peacekeeping operations. This was presumably done to minimize tensions with the Sudanese government at the time, but still allowed the UN to proceed with their operations. Variably, the United States voted against a humanitarian truce in Gaza, along with Austria, Croatia, Fiji, Guatemala, Hungary, Micronesia, Nauru, Paraguay, Tonga, and of course Israel.

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As the US is one of the few countries holding veto power in the UN, the country is likely to put further pressure on the council to either deny humanitarian aid to Gaza as the intergovernmental organization will continue to level condemnations against Israel’s continued assault on Palestine.

Palestine, Self-Defense, and Subjugated Peoples’ Right to Resist 5
Saturday’s protest saw a massive turnout, with easily over 2000 Dallasites showing support for Palestine. Photo credit: Sam Judy

While Gazans recently broke into UN warehouses to retrieve necessary supplies, the people of Palestine utilized their right to self-determination with the move. Even as Gaza’s Ministry of Health has released the names of all Palestinians killed in the wake of President Biden publicly doubting the death toll, press questioning the seriousness of the conflict continues to find wide circulation. Genocide denialism runs rampant and hate crimes have seen a huge uptick in the recent weeks in accordance with this.

Despite Hamas’ classification by US and European governments as a terrorist organization, press entities such as the BBC have stopped using the term ‘terrorist’ to refer to Hamas. As the word further communicates a moral dichotomy to readers, erasing nuance and even major contextual truths. As it is outlined in the UN charter, the existence of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation and subjugation is fully legal and justified under statutes made and upheld for the last 50 years.

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