Pharr’s blazing fast broadband service featured in Forbes magazine

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PHARR, Texas – The City of Pharr’s blazing fast broadband service,, has been featured in Forbes magazine.

In an article titled, “How Broadband Connectivity Is Transforming Lives And Communities,” contributing writer Karen Walker focuses on Calix, which helps customers design, implement and integrate a network strategy. 

Walker points out that City of Pharr is leveraging Calix innovation to rapidly transform their community with fiber broadband and value-added managed services. 

“Doing so creates unprecedented opportunities for students, residents, and small businesses to thrive while managing their network and business functions at the lowest possible operational expense,” Walker writes.


“Once ranked as the worst-connected city of its size, the City of Pharr now wins awards for its rapid and full-scale broadband transformation, revitalizing small businesses, schools, and the community with managed services like network-level cybersecurity, advanced parental controls, and more, establishing a success playbook for other cities to grow value for millions in the Rio Grande Valley.”

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Guillermo Aguilar

Walker notes that Pharr built 80 percent of its high-speed municipal broadband network and launched its managed Wi-Fi service in just 18 months. 

“The City of Pharr is deploying critical managed Wi-Fi services to extend beyond basic internet connectivity and fulfill a wide-ranging vision to grow lasting, generational value in the region,” Walker writes. is the City of Pharr’s solution to closing the digital divide. On its website the team states, “The City of Pharr will now be offering blazing fast fiber internet and the next generation of WiFi technology that better connects all of the devices in your home or business. Expertly installed by a certified technician and includes our CommandIQ/ App with enhanced parental controls and network security. Fast, reliable and bundled to give you more for less money.”


One person pleased to see Pharr in the limelight is Guillermo Aguilar of Brownstone Consultants. Aguilar has been a key advisor to the City of Pharr as it has developed its broadband infrastructure.

“Forbes has highlighted the  City of Pharr, Texas, as a national leader in bridging the digital divide together with key partner Calix,” Aguilar wrote on LinkedIn.  “These success have an underlying foundation rooted in lean six sigma principles and truly engaging with customers through the net promoter score principle.”

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Aguilar said Pharr, Calix, and, indeed, his own company, are “steeped in being client/ resident-centric and are razor focused on continuous improvement.”

Aguilar said telling the story is “of vital importance.” He said partners like the Harris Agency will “get these success stories out to other municipalities and counties, make connections, and foster the steering of funding to ‘winning teams’ who can efficiently and successfully deploy BEAD and IIJA funding.”

BEAD stands for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program. IIJA stands for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

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