Kingsville commissioner to challenge Mayra Flores in Republican primary

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Ann Marie Torres

A Kingsville city commissioner announced Thursday that she will run in the Republican primary for congressional District 34.

Ann Marie Torres said in a campaign announcement that she proudly declares her candidacy to be the Republican nominee for the November 2024 election.

Torres will face Mayra Flores, of San Benito, in the March 2024 primaries.

Flores briefly represented the district before losing to Democrat incumbent Vicente Gonzalez.

In her campaign announcement, Torres says she has “a strong background as an Army Retired veteran who served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

She said she aims to bring “true representation” to the district and become the first woman who is a veteran to run in the March primary.

Torres was born and raised in Kingsville and she said she has a “deep-rooted connection” to the community and a “sharp vision for its future.”

The campaign announcement does not elaborate on her vision.

“With her extensive military experience, she brings a unique perspective and commitment to serving the people of District 34 at the national level,” the campaign announcement states. “Torres passionately believes that now is the time for change and that the district deserves a strong voice in the nation’s capital.”

She does not explain what kind of change she believes is necessary.

The campaign announcement quotes here as saying “Now is the time to have true District 34 Texas representation in Washington (D.C.). We can no longer be ignored; it’s time!”

Torres said her campaign will focus on key issues.

“Torres aims to champion the interests of District 34 residents, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed,” the announcement stated.

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That document, however, did not indicate any of the key issues Torres said she will champion.

“As a City of Kingsville Commissioner, Ann Marie Torres has demonstrated her leadership skills and dedication to public service,” the announcement stated. “She has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of her constituents, advocating for policies that promote prosperity and progress.”

She said that experience provided her with a solid foundation to tackle federal challenges.

Describing her candidacy as historic, Torres said running as a female veteran shows she is committed to breaking barriers for future generations.

“Her candidacy reflects her belief in the power of diversity and the importance of equal representation in shaping policies that impact the lives of all Americans,” the announcement stated.

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