New Zara Store Bound For Frisco

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New Zara Store Bound For Frisco

The clothing company Zara is opening 30 new stores across the U.S. this year after recording a jump in sales, including Frisco. 

“The excellent results of 2022 show the strength of our business model and its ability to move towards the next level of development in which our fashion proposition, the experience of our customers, our commitment to sustainability and the talent of our teams will continue to be key,” said Óscar García Maceiras, CEO of Inditex, the parent company of Zara, in a media release


At the end of Inditex’s fiscal 2022 year, the company operated 5,815 stores in 213 markets. Last year, net sales for the company jumped 21 percent compared to 2021.

The company recently announced its intentions to open 30 new Zara stores across the U.S. Several of the new stores are expected to land in Texas, including stores in the Frisco, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas markets. 

Inditex is investing $1.7 billion to open 30 new locations, which are expected to open in 2025. The company also plans to revamp 13 of its existing stores. 

This year’s expansion plans come after the company made several strategic moves in 2022, including closing 10 percent of stores and shrinking its commercial space by six percent, compared to 2021.


Zara also previously reported experiencing issues with customer wait times with some customers waiting over an hour in check out lines. 

To improve these issues, Zara has decided to do away with hard security tags in favor of RFID chips that are sewn into garments. The brand says this change should reduce checkout times by 50 percent.

For its online channels, Zara will be creating new tools, such as the new size recommender and a real-time personalisation model that will facilitate searches.

The company adds that its spring and summer collections have been well received by customers. From Feb. 1 to March 13, store and online sales increased by 13.5 percent, compared to the same period in 2022.

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