5 Things To Know About The Plano City Council Meeting – 11/28/22

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5 Things To Know About The Plano City Council Meeting – 11/28/22
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The Plano City Council meeting on November 28 was a short meeting with only a few items to discuss. Several awards were given to members of the community and residents brought up issues.

Here are five things you need to know:


The city of Plano technology solutions GIS team was awarded the Distinguished System Award for their work on the fire electronic tactical response guides program by URISA’s exemplary systems in government review committee. The award was given due to their work with the fire department and making fire rescue and safety faster and easier.

That wasn’t the only award. Plano’s Planning Department and Technology Solutions Department received the 2022 Government Experience Project Award from the Center for Digital Government for their Zoning Alert Tool and Response Map.

Food Insecurity

During the public comment section of the meeting, one Plano resident spoke to the council about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). She explained that 86% of funds go to homes with children, elderly individuals and those with disabilities, but there are other groups being left out of the program.

The number of those using SNAP in Plano has increased, yet many individuals are not eligible because of head of household ineligibility. She asks city council members to push Representative Jeff Leach to help pass Senate Bill 1912. 

Children’s Mental Health

Another speaker joined a Zoom to discuss the psychological well-being of kids in Plano. She asks that a committee be formed that would not allow those under 18 to allow any type of drag show or drag brunch citing that they are “dangerous” and put children at risk.  


No-Parking Zone

The city council voted to establish a no-parking zone near the north side of Emerson Drive from Preston Meadow Drive to a point 145 feet west of Virginia Drive. The item was brought up after safety concerns became apparent during a fire safety test run.

During a test run, it was determined that a  fire engine would not be able to get through Emerson Drive due to blocked traffic. The item would temporarily allow the fire department access until the city can design a final project.


Council members considered updates to the city’s budget, which would include the allocation of additional revenues. The city’s sales tax revenue ended the fiscal year 2021-22 at $108.5 million, which was $2 million over the estimate.

The Plano Balloon Festival was also discussed due to the fact that it went over the estimated cost by $44,000. The additional cost was brought on by the addition of a third day. 

To watch the full meeting visit planotx.gov.

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