Coworking SEO Shares Three Key Insights for Coworking Space Owners From The Global Workspace Association Flex Forward 2022 Conference

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Coworking SEO Shares Three Key Insights for Coworking Space Owners From The Global Workspace Association Flex Forward 2022 Conference
Flex Forward 2022 was a tremendous success, with many business leaders in the coworking industry in attendance and Coworking SEO, the industry’s leading specialized marketing agency

The Global Workspace Association (GWA) is a forum for experts and participants in the coworking space industry. Their annual conference explores the future of flexible offices with leading-edge programming that creates networking opportunities and encourages relationship building while inspiring attendees with world-class examples of what’s possible in the industry.


This year marks the first time the conference was held in-person since March 2020 and it had some of the coworking industry’s largest operators, with CEOs of huge multi-location coworking spaces and technology providers such as Shlomo Silber from Bond Collective, Flip Howard from WorkSuites, William Bennett from Expansive, and Miroslav Miroslavov from OfficeRnD, among others. The 2022 GWA conference was held from September 21 to 23 in Frisco, Texas and it has been dubbed the largest gathering of coworking space business leaders in the United States.

Coworking SEO, the coworking industry’s first all-in-one digital marketing agency was also in attendance at the conference. Founded from a coworking space on Long Island in December 2020, Coworking SEO represents a network of spaces around the world in the United States, Mexico, and Australia. Without further ado, here are Coworking SEO’s three key insights from the 2022 GWA conference.

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Insight #1: The amount of hybrid workers choosing to work from an office versus work from home is increasing

According to Cushman & Wakefield, the amount of hybrid workers who choose to work from an office versus working from home is increasing. A representative from the company was quoted saying, “People who use flexible office spaces want to increase their usage up to half of their work week, increasing by 19% from current levels while decreasing their remote working time by the same percentage.”

Insight #2: Coworking spaces are leading the return to office

At the conference, JLL also cited that the amount of employees returning to work in buildings with coworking operators is 66%. This is more than the 50% rate in the banking industry and 10% observed among tech companies.

Insight #3: Corporate clients are increasingly discovering coworking spaces through event space and conference rooms


Many operators have found that event space is increasingly becoming a top-of-the-funnel item for enterprise clients who are discovering a coworking space for the first time. After an off-site event or training day, the client may return to rent a bundle of offices or desks. Coworking SEO notes that coworking spaces have two types of customers: those that pay for their own memberships and those whose memberships are paid for by their company. The former is often attracted with the promise of a day pass or a tour, whereas the latter may discover the space through an event, either hosted by the space itself or the company that the employee works for.

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While the industry is growing quickly, many new challenges are appearing in 2022. How will independent space owners and operators continue to get to market as more established landlords and hospitality companies enter the space in the year ahead? Coworking SEO says that it will become increasingly important for the smaller spaces to rank online: “there is certainly room for everybody to cash flow, it will just be a matter of competing for a limited amount of real estate on the first page among an increasingly large field of competitors,” stated the agency’s founder, Jake Bolling.

For coworking space owners who need help attracting more corporate customers and general members, Coworking SEO gets butts in seats. Contact Coworking SEO today to learn how to completely launch (or relaunch) a coworking space to maximum occupancy in as little as 6 months. Visit for more information.

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