Harrison leads coalition of lawmakers in demanding Title IX rule be withdrawn

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State Rep. Brian Harrison (R10) and a coalition of Texas lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden’s Department of Education, demanding their proposed Title IX rule be withdrawn while calling it a destruction of women’s rights.

Harrison, whose district covers Ellis County, was joined in the letter by Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-150), who authored the “Save Girls’ Sports Act” in Texas, which protects Texas girls by keeping biological males out of K-12 female-only sports. “It is tragic, but unsurprising, that an administration unable to even define “woman” would use laws designed to protect women and girls to harm them instead,” Harrison said. “I’m proud to lead a coalition of lawmakers in demanding Biden withdraw his dangerous and unprecedented proposal which would disempower parents, endanger Texas female students, and reduce educational and extracurricular opportunities for women. The State of Texas passed laws to protect women and unelected DC bureaucrats must be defeated in this unconstitutional overreach.”

Swanson said, “As the author of the ‘Save Girls’ Sports Act,’ I am outraged that the federal government is endangering female athletes by ignoring basic biology and pushing to allow biological males to enter female-only sports. Our young girls deserve privacy in the locker room and safety on the field. Extracurricular sports that provide opportunities for scholarships, professional careers, and personal fulfillment should not be held hostage by the government in furtherance of a political agenda. I demand that the Department withdraw this rule and let Texas protect our girls.”

In 2021, Swanson authored and passed House Bill 25, known as the “Save Girls’ Sports Act,” to stop biological males who claim to be females from cheating our young girls out of their own sports and putting them at risk on the field and in the most intimate settings of a locker room.

As a response, the federal government is moving to expand the definition of Title IX, the 1972 federal law that gave equal rights to young girls in education and athletics and subvert Texas’ science-based approach to protecting biological females. In addition, HB 25 ensured that female athletes may participate in male-only sports if there is no female equivalent and does not affect the availability or legality of co-ed sports.

The release states that the proposed expansion of Title IX is based on a misinterpretation of Bostock v. Clayton County, which the DOE claims will allow the federal government to investigate “discrimination” based on states protecting sex-specific activities.

Moreover, the DOE’s proposal is an unconstitutional subversion of the elected legislatures of sovereign states under the 10th Amendment and a violation of the Spending Clause of the United States Constitution, the release states.

The ever-moving goalposts of Title IX by the federal government have already created legal confusion in schools across the United State as it relates to reporting, staffing and personnel, penalties and reliability of federal funding, the release states.

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