Tax relief, teacher retention most pressing issues

dfwnewsa | September 16, 2022 | 0 | Wylie News

Property tax relief and teacher retention are the most pressing issues facing Wylie ISD, said Stacie Smith, Place 1 trustee who has filed for re-election.

“Wylie ISD is a destination district. Families move here for our schools,” Smith said. “Families need property tax relief, and needed relief can only come through legislative change to school funding.”

Smith said the district must continue to work with state legislatures and advocate for local property tax relief.

Addressing teacher retention, Smith said Wylie ISD offers learning at the hands of the most incredible teachers who need to know they are valued.

“We need to work with our legislatures on adjusting school funding to provide better compensation for our educators so we can attract and retain quality staff,” Smith said.

Smith said one of her greatest strengths as a leader is developing relationships through excellent communication skills and finding ways to bring the community together to benefit Wylie ISD children.

“Having served on numerous boards and committees, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership in many areas,” Smith said. “I serve with integrity and have earned the trust and respect of those I have served.”

Smith said she embraces the responsibility others have entrusted in her care, adding that she is thoughtful, knowledgeable and strategic in decision making.

“I have the ability to inspire others through positive encouragement and passionate service,” Smith said. “I believe these leadership qualities and others I possess will continue to serve me well as a Wylie ISD Trustee.”

Smith said her biggest contribution will be advocating for Wylie ISD students, staff, families and the community on a number of issues including school finance reform, anti-bullying programs, character education, cultural diversity appreciation and others.

“I believe all children deserve a great education,” Smith said. “I believe we have a responsibility to prepare the children in our care for successful and contributing futures.  I want to continue to serve as a voice and advocate for all students, staff, families, and community members.”

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