Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning For NFPA 96 Requirements 6

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning For NFPA 96 Requirements

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning For NFPA 96 Requirements 6

Irving Texas restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services.
Irving, TX restaurants should clean their commercial kitchen hoods and exhaust systems to remain NFPA 96 compliant for employee and guest safety, reduce fire hazards and increase sanitation to create a healthy and safe restaurant kitchen.

Irving, Texas – Vent and hood cleaning is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a clean and safe restaurant environment for both staff and customers. Restaurant owners know that their commercial kitchen hoods need to be cleaned and maintained to pass NFPA 96 safety requirements. The number of restaurants in Irving, Texas is growing and the Irving and Dallas areas are quickly becoming known for quality dining establishments.   

Commercial kitchen hoods are an integral part of any commercial kitchen. They help to remove smoke, grease, and airborne particles that would otherwise be contained in the cooking environment. Studies have shown that this can lead to unhealthy conditions for workers who spend extended periods of time in a closed space with high-level contaminants. The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, has created a set of standards for ventilation control in commercial kitchens to reduce the risk of restaurant fire hazards.  Unclean commercial kitchen exhaust vents are a major fire risk and restaurants are required to adhere to NFPA 96 Standards. 

Public and employee safety are critical aspects for maintaining cleanliness of kitchen exhaust systems. Restaurants that are NFPA 96 compliant profit with a more sanitary kitchen environment and, in many cases, benefit from reduced insurance costs. Over time, grease build-up will cause your vent to become less efficient. A clean vent can improve a restaurant by removing odors and decreasing energy costs.

Commercial kitchen hoods are one of the most important fixtures in any food-service establishment. They not only ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated, but they also reduce the risk of grease fires and other potential disasters. With many different types of greases and oils found in a restaurant kitchen, restaurants need a local Iving, TX commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to ensure that all hood, vent and exhaust areas are properly cleaned. It is important to have a professional vent and exhaust hood cleaning company perform a complete cleaning at least once or twice per year to keep exhaust systems functioning properly.

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