Investigates How Real Estate Agents Benefit Home Sellers 6 Investigates How Real Estate Agents Benefit Home Sellers Investigates How Real Estate Agents Benefit Home Sellers 2 Investigates How Real Estate Agents Benefit Home Sellers

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a home understands the anxiety involved. Even homeowners with beautiful properties in sought-after neighborhoods must deal with the realities of selling property in a reasonable timeframe and getting the best price. Although “for-sale-by-owner” listings abound, homeowners who work with agents are much more likely to get what they want. 

Real estate professionals have the training and experience to locate the best buyers for each property. Their connections and skills allow clients to sell homes in the shortest possible time. Agents also represent sellers during negotiations and make sure they get top dollar for their clients.

Pricing a Home Takes Skill

Every seller wants to get top dollar for their home, especially if they have invested time and effort into the property. However, deciding on an asking price isn’t a simple matter. Without expert help, owners could ask too much, causing homes to languish on the market for months or price them too low, depriving themselves of the profits they deserve.

Many homeowners find a solution when they visit a real estate agent’s original site and schedule a consultation with these issues in mind. Experienced agents know approximate home values in local neighborhoods. They also use techniques like comparing the value of like homes in the area to get an accurate idea of current sale prices. 

Sellers Benefit from Agents’ Contacts

Once a real estate agent has signed a contract with a seller, they add the home to a multiple listing service that makes it visible to as many buyers as possible. According to Zillow, agents may also reach out to a network of other agents to escalate buyer interest. Many arrange buyer-only showings to increase the buzz.

Professional Listings Are More Likely to Attract “A” Buyers

A recent Forbes article titled “New Listings Rise 6.5% As More Starter Homes Finally Hit The Market ” indicates an increase in the number of smaller homes available for sale in summer, 2021. That is good news for buyers, but it makes the market more competitive for sellers who want to get top dollar for their properties. Fortunately, real estate agents can help clients attract the most desirable or “A” buyers.  

Some homeowners try to sell their homes using the “for-sale-by-owner” approach, usually to save a commission. However, per the industry site, HomeLight, “The typical FSBO home sold for $200,000, compared to $280,000 for agent-assisted home sales, according to the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.” In addition, serious buyers who are willing to pay the most are often in town for only a few days or a week and generally avoid FSBO transactions. 

Real Estate Agents Are Expert Negotiators

Few real estate transactions are as simple as a buyer making a single offer and a seller accepting, according to The fact is that most sales involve negotiations, and it takes a skilled negotiator to get the best price when selling a home. Real estate 

professionals, such as the Reali staff, have the skills to represent sellers in that process and will tell them when they receive the best offer and when to go back to the bargaining table.  

Real estate agents benefit home sellers by ensuring properties are priced to sell and then marketing them vigorously. Homes selling through agents are more likely to attract serious buyers who are willing to pay well. Also, real estate professionals are skilled negotiators who advocate for sellers and make sure they get the best price for their homes.

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