Van Horn hotel rooms fill up ahead of Bezos’ space launch 6
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Van Horn hotel rooms fill up ahead of Bezos’ space launch

Van Horn hotel rooms fill up ahead of Bezos space launch

VAN HORN, Texas — The countdown is on for the launch of the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, which will be headed to space with billionaire Jeff Bezos on board.

But securing a hotel room to stay in Van Horn to watch the launch may be challenging.

Ask just about anyone in Van Horn about a place to stay to view the Blue Origin launch, and you’ll hear the same thing.

“Right now everything is booked. People are staying in El Paso and Marfa, so its been challenging,” said Van Horn Mayor Becky Brewster.

“The motels are staying full,” added Lyndon McDonald, chief of Van Horn’ volunteer fire department.

Hotel, after hotel, including Van Horn’s most famous hotel – El Capitan – are booked through Tuesday, the day of the launch.

“Everything in Van Horn is pretty much booked,” said Jesus Olivas, who owns a local RV park, which isn’t fully booked.

And you don’t have to drive an RV to get a spot, of which he has several available.

“Right now I have two available, possibly three and space. And I have a lot of space, I’ve got five acres – so they can camp out in tents in there. My RVs will start at $175 a night and the spaces for the tents at probably $20 a night.”

Olivas started advertising six days before the Blue Origin launch and he already has takers among people who have been desperately trying to find lodging in Van Horn.

Olivas is hoping “that it gets busy” at his RV park, which is located just outside Van Horn between the town and the Culberson County Airport.

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