Healing Transformations Officially Launches Their New Counselling Practice in Birmingham 6
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Healing Transformations Officially Launches Their New Counselling Practice in Birmingham

Healing Transformations Officially Launches Their New Counselling Practice in Birmingham 2

Healing Transformations opens their doors to any individual who is ready to venture on a personal journey towards self-awareness, self-healing, and self-growth. At Healing Transformations, masters-level therapists and staff understand the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state and living a stable and fulfilled life. Founder and credentialed therapist in the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, Lynda Price (Ed.S, LPC, AADC), launches her practice based on the belief that “Our gift to you is inner peace, and the gift to yourself is freedom”. On that note, Healing Transformations also offers Individual and Couples Counseling. Healing Transformations is located on 2214 3rd Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203 Suite 203 Birmingham, AL 35203.  In acknowledgment of COVID-19, the practice is following state-mandated protocols and guidelines to ensure public safety at large. 

Using a holistic approach to therapy, Healing Transformations focuses on treating the whole individual and not just the issue at hand. The practice specializes in self-esteem issues, grief counseling, anxiety, emotional disturbances, PTSD, substance abuse counseling, and assessments targeting clients of all ages. Healing Transformations also houses three other  masters-level therapists Dee Dawson, Ashly Pruitt, Fightress Aaron, and Community Engagement Director Lige’ Richardson-Shears. Healing Transformations is also proud to announce that they will also provide internship opportunities for aspiring therapists. 

Price’s qualifications are not limited to the state of Alabama alone. She is also registered in Florida to provide telehealth services to clients. Undoubtedly, this proud mother of three, has a colorful and impressive career background and her start in counseling and therapy began right here in Birmingham, Alabama. She obtained a graduate degree in Education Specialists 

(Ed.S.) from UWA, and a master of Science degree in Psychology from the University of West Alabama.  Price uses a plethora of client-tailored approaches in therapy, including theories such as person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and rapid resolution.  Price has many years of experience combined as a clinical director, social service caseworker, and primary counselor, at various medical and outpatient treatment facilities. Additionally, Price is certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor through AADA/IC&RC, and EMDR therapy. Alongside her many achievements, Price is also a published author and has written articles for marriage.com. Lynda has also been featured on  Voyage ATL and was a speaker at the ASAHPERD 2021 spring conference.The respected client advocate is also a motivational speaker for the community, where her mission is to encourage her clients and attendees to work toward healing and self-sufficiency while paying attention to their personal strengths and accomplishments. She attests that her goal is to change lives one encounter at a time.

To learn more about Healing Transformations, visit: https://www.healingtransformationsllc.com

About Healing Transformations

Healing Transformations, LLC  is a mental health counseling clinic that is dedicated to helping you travel through the perils of life with person centered therapy – where your mental health and stability is the main focus. Lynda Price, Healing Transformation’s lead clinician, has been published on marriage.com, featured in Voyager ATL, and was a speaker at the ASAHPERD 2021 spring conference.

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