23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home 6
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23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home

23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home 5

It is easy to understand that the best nail dipping powder comes with only the best line of colors there is to offer. However, what makes dip powder so elegant is its natural-looking finish.

This is because the colored dip powders are refined to a dust-like texture; this gives it that bendability without the cost of durability. In addition, the texture gives it that refined natural look that makes the entire design feel and look elegant.

The best nail dipping powder kit is packed with all the essential tools to help manicure & nail art enthusiasts alike. 

Let us check out these gorgeous ideas for the nail trends 2021.

23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home 6

Dip powders come in various colors, likewise, this means that there are dozens of color palette combinations to choose from. Check out more at https://doubledipstore.com for several stunning nail products.

1. The colors of pink and lilac have always been associated with spring and renewal. A combination of both will give that fresh & elegant look to the nails. The “I Lilac I Pink” color design is an excellent choice during breezy days where sunlight brings out the posh colors of Pink and Lilac to get that dip nail design for spring.

2. The best at-home dip powder for nails comes in various colors. Some have a solid color, and others have subtle colors like the Pastel line of dip powders. Looking to find something elegant yet subtle at the same time needs effort, try “Pastel Nail” designs to bring out a comfortable feel to the nails.

3. One of the most elegant nail colors is shades of red. It invokes intensity, yet the demeanor red shade gives is captivating as well.

Try the “Classic Colors of Red” design and complement it with white and black to make the red stand out more.

The Classic nail dip starter kit gives the nails that captivating elegance that will catch the eyes of people around.

4. To achieve a two-tone nail design that will emphasize the natural look and elegance of the nails, try French Nail designs are a perfect choice. Typically, French nails share two colors, something under the shade of nude or pink, and the tips are white to make it feel like a natural extension of the skin for those natural dip powder nails.

5. Summer is just around the corner, which means the sun is bright and everything around seems brighter; the perfect chance to try “Summer Nail Colors” using the best long-lasting at-home dip powder nail kit available.

Either use bright, shaded colors to match the summer vibes or contrast it using breezy colors of blue and purple to have that summer dip nail colors 2021.

Enjoy the chill vibes using dip powder nail designs for summer.

6. For more dip nail ideas 2021, then try “Friday Night Party Glow” inspired nails.

Parties and social gatherings may still not be allowed, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun in designing nail arts.

 To achieve this, use glowing colors of pink, yellow, and green that sparkle under the light.

7. Dip powder nail colors come in various stunning colors. Try elegant shades of brown to get a “Choco Kisses” nail design.

Inspired by the colors of sweet chocolate, it’ll remind people of the bittersweet sensation of chocolates this time of year.

8. St. Patrick’s Day might be over, but expressing that happy-go-lucky vibe in dip powder nail is still possible.

Get these interesting organic colors reminiscent of nature, by trying a “Lucky Charm” inspired design. These peaceful colors of green and yellow shades will look elegant to get that lucky vibe.

23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home 7

9. Experience dip powder nail designs for fall using the “Fallin In Love” nail dip-inspired starter kit.

The idea is to have solid hues of yellow, orange, and red to compliment the fall seasons.

These elegant colors also go well with brown and pastel colors of wood to complement the overall design.

10. The first week of winter always has that dry and cold atmosphere in preparation for the powdery color of snow in late winter.

Compliment the dry and matte vibes of early winter using the elegant “Holly Jolly Christmas” inspired colors of winter holidays.

11. Complete the winter holiday experience with a design that will match the holidays using a “Winter Weekend” inspired design.

The elegant brilliant colors of red, green, blue, and purple will have that cheery vibe reminiscent of the Holidays.

23 Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Ideas To Try At Home 8

12. For novices in Dip Powder Nails, use a Novice nail dip powder starter kit to jump-start the nail experience using simple designs that will look good using supporting colors.

Use either repeating colors or complementary colors to have that elegant look under the impression of simplicity.

The same could also be said for acrylic nail kits for beginners.

13. Enjoy pristine and elegant-looking nails using a “Queen of Hearts” design.

Typically, to get that warm and invigorating color, use shades of pink with varying intensities. This will give it that monochromatic look.

Also, add decals to spice up the designs to look more eye-catching.

14. Feel a little love-struck and reach out the romantic vibes to partners, by trying charming designs inspired by the “PS I Love You” starter kit.

It consists of red and pink shades that match well to get that charming yet elegant color that lusters in the light.

15. The rain can either feel gloomy or refreshing. Regardless, try subtle colors that will give out a comfortable mood during rainy seasons using the “Raindrop on Rainbows” starter kit.

16. Nicole Wilkey is a popular Instagrammer @nicole_dipnails, known for her gorgeous and elegant dip powder nail designs. 

Be inspired by her works, and try her favorite colors of pink, grays, white, and silver to spice up-dip nail experience. She uses different colors as well, but there’s something so elegant about pale and fading colors that charm her.

17. Celebrate the hopeful year of 2021 using the “Golden Year 2021” starter kit to inspire dip nail designs.

The line of colored dip powder is inspired by dazzling colors of gold, purple, and silver.

This design is elegant and gorgeous, perfect for a special occasion.

18. Brighten up nail dip powder design using “Professional Neon” to inspire nail art.

These dip powders consist of bright colors with a neon touch.

Just like acrylic nail kits at home, the final finish will be durable, preventing streaks and cracks from appearing that would otherwise ruin the neon luster.

19. Get more summer-inspired designs using the “Colors of Summer Neon” starter kit. The design consists of bright neon colors that remind us of summer.

Either complement the colors with other bright neon or contrast it with an electric color of blue.

20. The Halloween season is always a fun time of year. Kids and adults alike dress up in various costumes to invoke the holiday cheers. Get down and spooky using “Halloween Dip Powder” inspired designs with the posh colors of pumpkin, black, purple, yellow, and ghastly blue.

21. Finding substitutes for color pastels can be tiresome, try “Pastel Spring Colors” for an even fading color of pastel.

These spring-inspired colors are perfect during normal days of either work or events.

22. Spice up-dip powder nail experience using a “Salted Caramel” design.

Typically achieve this by using sugar brown colors in two tones to make them into a grainy gradient.

23. Try an elegant blue design that sparkles under the light using a “Rock Candy” color of blue to give the nails that refreshing natural look.


Dip Powder Nails are durable without the cost of bendability. Additionally, they come in many various colors to choose from. As more colors are being created into the collection, the number of color palette combinations has become vast and numerous. This gives enthusiasts alike that feeling of artistic freedom that invigorates an individual’s personality.

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