It Is Now Possible to Find and Advertise Flexible, Part-time, and Fulltime Jobs in Dallas, TX Easily 6

It Is Now Possible to Find and Advertise Flexible, Part-time, and Fulltime Jobs in Dallas, TX Easily

It Is Now Possible to Find and Advertise Flexible, Part-time, and Fulltime Jobs in Dallas, TX Easily 4

Dallas has for the most part always been a bustling, vibrant city with plenty of opportunities for flexible, parttime, and fulltime jobs.  Many individuals have successfully found what are called gig opportunities throughout the last decade, as Dallas, Fort Worth has always been open to flexibility in jobs.  Both businesses and workers embraced this concept.

More individuals than ever are now seeking flexible, parttime, or fulltime jobs in Dallas.  The burgeoning influx of new residents has created the need for even more “on site” gig workers, those individuals that do not want or need a permanent fulltime job but a series of jobs which they can work when it suits their schedules.  Hence the name “gig”. 

Businesses now, especially in the hospitality industries and event industries in DFW are continually seeking gig workers as well to have a steady stream of talent at hand when they have an affair or some type of gathering that needs workers immediately.  These businesses do not want permanent employees, but they do want responsible gig workers. 

Upshift, with its location in Dallas, TX, provides a platform now that meets the needs of businesses and those seeking gig work, flexible jobs, parttime jobs, and even fulltime jobs if that is the case.  The app Upshift created eliminates the frustrations of most “job seeking” sites, as it is easier to use and navigate, and more targeted in its approach.  Jobs can be posted by businesses, and individuals can be hired. 

After signing up, job seekers are screened; making it easier for businesses to find reliable personnel, and job seekers who want flexibility in jobs can view the current job openings, which are more current than other job seeking sites that target industries outside of the scientific and accounting fields. 

In addition, the app keeps track of all hours, and schedules, for both the employees and the businesses.  This ensures that all employees and businesses can balance their schedules in a much more efficient way than ever before.  No more missed hours, or overbooking occurs, and no more relentless calling and checking in needs to be done by employees.  It is a true solution to the utmost efficiency in the flex job and gig industry. 

Those that are seeking work/life balance, both employees and businesses find the app a solution to their needs.  The stress of time tracking and payments is eliminated by use of the Upshift platform and the app.  The app is free to sign up for job seekers, and a nominal fee is charged for employers.  The fee is much less than what is charged by standard staffing agencies that employers can use, and generally less than what is charged by online job seeking sites. 

The platform and app developed by Upshift is an answer to the staffing needs of businesses and employees in the area of parttime, fulltime, and especially flexible jobs. 

About Upshift Dallas

Upshift is a company that developed a web platform and a mobile application that has solved the needs of businesses and employees in Dallas, TX in the area of job fulfillment.  The application updates immediately on current parttime, fulltime, and flexible jobs in the Dallas area, and areas listed on the site, and allows employees and businesses to track work schedules, and even payments easily.  No more missed hours, or missed opportunities, and all job applicants are screened, ensuring that each position is filled successfully with the correct applicants.  It is free for employees and charges a small fee for employers.  Sign up is three easy steps.  It cannot be used for scientific and accounting jobs, however. 

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