Texas YWCA calls on state Legislature to enact laws to help working moms

El Paso, TX — Local YWCA chapters across the state are calling on the Texas Legislature to enact legislation that will increase access to quality child care in hopes of helping working mothers that have suffered a massive burden during the coronavirus pandemic.

YWCA Texas affiliates are asking for policies that will equitable quality child care and prioritizing childcare facilities within vulnerable communities, to name a few.

In their letter sent to the Texas Legislature, YWCA leaders said “Texas must act this session to ensure that our childcare system and providers can safely continue to keep their doors open and provide women and families the care needed to get them back to work.”

This effort comes before a new national push to enact legislation that will provide help to working mothers on the federal level.

It is being called the “Marshall Plan for Moms,” and it started over the weekend when the group “Girls Who Code” took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling on the Biden Administration to take action to help working mothers.

The group is asking for President Joe Biden to work with Congress to start a short-term monthly stipend payment program for mothers, as well as enact policies like paid family leave and pay equity.

The group claims women have been forced to leave the workforce to help take of their children during the pandemic.

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