Ranger Guard Investigations Announces When to Call Security 6

Ranger Guard Investigations Announces When to Call Security

Ranger Guard Investigations Announces When to Call Security 3

Ranger Guard Investigations has recently revealed to the public how they can protect themselves and their colleagues.

(Austin, TX  January 2021)  Ranger Guard Investigations, a Texas owned and operated security firm, has just announced to the public instances when they should call in a security firm.

The short answer is that security needs to be called before something happens.  Although the Ranger Guard can handle anything that happens, it works much better to have a security service in place at the beginning to provide a deterrent rather than have to try to stop things after they happen.  

Private Affairs 

There are many times when having security set in place ahead of time can provide peace of mind for private individuals.   

Residents may not realize that it is wise to arrange Austin security services when they are planning a special event.  For example, Texans often host huge weddings.  

Whenever there are large gatherings of people, there are opportunities for things to go wrong. People get drunk and fists fly.  Having an unarmed security person standing nearby might make people think twice.

Unfortunately, weddings are also known for theft.  People let their guard down, purses are left at the table.  There could easily be an unknown person at a wedding because the groom’s family thinks they are a friend of the bride and vice-versa.  That person could just be a thief.

Public Affairs 

Personal special events are not the only time Texans should hire securityservices in Austin.  Many industries hold yearly conferences for their industry members.  Many times these conferences are held at hotels.

In a venue where strangers are constantly coming and going, it’s impossible to vet everyone who comes into the conference.  Industry conferences are often widely advertised, so it’s easy for criminals to plan to attend.  

Ranger Guard Investigations Announces When to Call Security 4

About Ranger Guard and Investigations

Founded in 2009 by Assaf Catran, Ranger Guard and Investigations has locations in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Mr. Catran brings over 30 years of high-level security experience to this company, including work for the Department of Homeland Security.  


Media Contact
Company Name: Ranger Guard & Investigations
Contact Person: Jonah Nathan
Email: Send Email
Phone: (737) 300-6776
Address:10109 N Lake Creek Pkwy, Austin, TX 78717
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: United States
Website: https://www.securityguardtx.com/austin/

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