Healing The Spirit – Lueretha Booker’s Book is a Conduit for Recovery and Peace 6

Healing The Spirit – Lueretha Booker’s Book is a Conduit for Recovery and Peace

Healing The Spirit – Lueretha Booker’s Book is a Conduit for Recovery and Peace 2

Dallas, Texas, USA – November 23, 2020 – Consultant, Counselor, Therapist and Author Lueretha Booker MA, PHDc, has released her book, And God Cried. This book serves as a comprehensive tool for Americans to find catharsis from the traumas the nation has been through, while proactively working towards a state of peace, tranquility and union between all. In an endeavor to put readers face-to-face with deeper, more visceral human truths, the author deploys profound psychological theories to assess the collective traumas and social pressures faced by Americans in recent years.

And God Cried hones in on the innate connection between mankind and God to provide a unique perspective on suffering and the silver lining that everyone is bound to discover. Lueretha wants her readers to know that when they cry, they do not cry in vain. God feels all of mankind’s pains and when people cry, God cries through them. By opening her readers up to the spirituality of human existence, Lueretha wants to instill in them that God is omnipresent, that God is listening and that eventually, God does make everything better. The highly immersive literary style of this new book allows each reader to look within themselves and find applicable emotional support for their own unique circumstances and problems in life. Lueretha wants her all-encompassing message for finding a spiritual haven to reach people of all races, cultures and nationalities.

Lueretha Booker, M.A., served as a psychotherapist at the Pastoral Counseling Center in Dallas, Texas for more than 20 years. Now in private practice, she provides counseling and therapy that proactively helps individuals, couples and groups find resolution to problems and recover from trauma, abuse, addiction, etc. Having passionately served many years in the field, Lueretha has dealt with a highly diverse group of people and helped them find success. This has given her the spiritual wisdom to see beyond surface problems and tap into the deeper, spiritual truths of human existence that everyone must be in touch with – in order to thrive and live a fulfilling life.

Having earned her master’s degree in Education from Prairie View A&M University of Texas, she is also extensively trained to offer support for issues such as marriage and family disputes, eating disorders, co-dependency issues and much more. With a multi-faceted approach to therapy for a large demographic of people, Lueretha is a change agent for self-empowerment and healing. Lueretha Booker is available for interviews.

And God Cried is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S28VKR9

About Lueretha Booker: http://www.amazon.com/Lueretha-Booker/e/B07SC4JGKS

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