National Law Journal Nominates IMS Across Seventeen Categories for 2021 ‘Best Of’ Recognition

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National Law Journal Nominates IMS Across Seventeen Categories for 2021 ‘Best Of’ Recognition

National Law Journal Nominates IMS Across Seventeen Categories for 2021 ‘Best Of’ Recognition 2

PENSACOLA, FL  |  The National Law Journal has announced IMS ExpertServices as a nominee across seventeen categories of its 2021 ‘Best Of’ reader favorites survey, including Best Expert Witness Provider, Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting, Best Online Jury Research, Best Intellectual Property Litigation Consulting, and Best Trial Presentation/’Hot Seat’ Provider.

Each year, The National Law Journal conducts its rigorous “Best Of” reader favorites awards process, including category nominations, a period of independent voting by the publication’s readers and members of the legal community, and a final rankings analysis and winner identification conducted by The National Law Journal based on votes from the industry.

Founded in 1978 as a national sister publication to The New York Law Journal, The National Law Journal develops annual rankings in categories most-critical to practitioners and the legal community. This year’s categories reflect the legal industry’s adaptation to emerging needs catalyzed by restrictions and other impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, with new categories for remote offerings such as Best Online Jury Research.

The National Law Journal has been trusted in our industry for over four decades as a critical source for timely and relevant discussions,” remarked James Crane, IMS Chief Revenue Officer. “In a year when so many traditions and legacy practices have been challenged by disruption and uncertainty, we remain committed to helping our clients succeed through diligence, precision, and unwavering support for their unique litigation and trial strategies. It’s an honor to see the trust our clients place in us reflected in these nominations. It’s also affirming to see The National Law Journal recognize us with nominations in newer areas of service, such as our remote jury research offerings, which we have designed to help our clients adapt to today’s environment and their clients’ emerging needs.”

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For the 2021 Awards, IMS ExpertServices received nominations for several categories including the nation’s best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Firm, Expert Witness Provider, Jury Consulting, Online Jury Research, Trial Presentation/‘Hot Seat’ Provider, Forensic Expert Witnesses, and Demonstrative Evidence Provider. Attorneys, judges, law firm officers, and others throughout the legal community can view the 2021 ‘Best Of’ nominations and cast their vote for The National Law Journal’s annual awards and for the ‘Best Of D.C.’ regional awards for 2021 here:

In recent years, IMS has won several other awards including Best Expert Witness Provider through The National Law Journal, Best Corporate Investigations Provider through The New York Law Journal, National Forensic Accounting Firm through Texas Lawyer Magazine, and “Go-To Thought Leader” through The National Law Review.

Voting is currently underway now through November 7, 2020.  IMS can be selected on questions 8, 10, 11, 12, 29, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 48, 49, 62, 63, 64, and 65.

Winners and top rankings of The National Law Journal’s ‘Best Of’ and ‘Best Of D.C.’ awards for 2021 will be announced in the February edition of the publication.

About IMS ExpertServices

IMS ExpertServices delivers consultative trial and expert services for the most influential global firms. Over nearly three decades and through more than 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials, clients have trusted IMS to equip them with the perspective and tools they need to help their clients succeed. With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Pensacola, and New York, the company provides trial strategy consulting, jury consulting, trial graphics consulting, trial presentation consulting, and expert witness recruitment and management. IMS has earned nine consecutive rankings on the Inc. 5000 list, won recognition by The National Law Journal in six categories of its “Best of 2020” awards, by Corporate Counsel Magazine as winner in eight categories of its “Best of 2019” awards, and as “Go-To Thought Leader” for two consecutive years by The National Law Review.

More about IMS ExpertServices can be found at:

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