Shopify cofounder Dan Weinand invests in veteran-owned OP2 Labs

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Shopify cofounder Dan Weinand invests in veteran-owned OP2 Labs 3

Shopify cofounder Daniel Weinand joined the board of Texas-based OP2 Labs after investing in the veteran-owned collagen protein company. 


OP2 Labs, a 2020 Inc. 5000 company, produces Frog Fuel and ProT Gold.

“As a founder myself, I know you need a great product AND a great team to be successful. One without the other won’t take you very far anymore. OP2 Labs undoubtedly has both.”

And he’s not wrong.

Do a quick look at the reviews on and you’ll see customers raving about OP2 Labs’ nano-hydrolyzed collagen protein. 

“We consistently have a repeat customer rate over 50%. It’s one of the key metrics that lets us know we’re making products our customers love, ” said CEO and former Navy SEAL Alexander Kunz.

And Weinand knows a little about making a great product that customers love.

He co-founded Shopify with Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake in 2004 and was the Chief Design Officer and Chief Culture Officer before leaving the company in 2017.

Shopify is now powering over one million merchants globally and its stock price has nearly tripled over the last 6 months as brick and mortar stores quickly move online.

“We’re really fortunate to have Daniel join the team. We deliberately took our time growing so we could create deep relationships with our customers and ensure we were exceeding their expectations. Now we’re moving fast and Daniel’s experience will help us take OP2 Labs to the next level,” said Kunz.

Growing fast is an understatement. The company has nearly doubled direct-to-consumer revenue every year for the last few years with consumers and retailers purchasing globally.

“We truly believe we make the most powerful protein in the world and everyone in the company uses it every day. We all love the benefits so we want to share our products with as many people as possible,” said Kunz.

But what makes their protein so powerful?

Collagen protein has been blowing up over the last few years due to its anti-aging benefits. Collagen is in over 60% of the tissues in your body so consuming it can help repair not only your hair, skin, and nails but also your muscles, bones, and joints.

But the collagen protein from grass-fed cows at OP2 Labs has 2 key differences from most protein supplements.

First, their protein is fortified with essential amino acids to make it a complete protein. Complete proteins have the nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. Whey protein is complete but most collagen protein is incomplete unless it is fortified.

Second, OP2’s nano-hydrolyzed collagen protein is pre-digested (aka hydrolyzed) to be smaller than the pores in the stomach. This allows it to digest almost completely in less than 15 minutes. In one study, it digested 4 times faster than whey protein.

Shopify cofounder Dan Weinand invests in veteran-owned OP2 Labs 4

Rapid digestion ensures your body can repair itself quickly and that none of the protein you consume goes to waste.

Those differences have made their products staples with world champion athletes and nearly 4,000 medical facilities around the world.

OP2 Labs has two brands under their banner, Frog Fuel and ProT Gold. Frog Fuel is designed to support athletic performance and ProT Gold is designed for anti-aging, weight loss, and rapid injury recovery. Both are made with OP2’s trademark nano hydrolyzed collagen® protein.

“The team has a really solid foothold in the market with a lot of dedicated customers. They also have a deep focus on customer service so I know OP2 will continue growing quickly without sacrificing the quality of their products or service to their customers,” said Weinand.

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