Stratton Security Provides Construction Security services for Customers in Dallas, Texas 5

Stratton Security Provides Construction Security services for Customers in Dallas, Texas

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Stratton Security is one of the companies for security guard services in Dallas, Texas. One of the services currently announced is construction security service.

Construction areas are risky enough to leave behind at night. There must be materials like bricks, cement, tiles, glasses, and others that are valuable. Therefore, aside from keeping them in a safe place, it is also recommended to monitor and guard those things using services from security guard companies.

One of the unarmed security guard companies available in Dallas, Texas, is Stratton Security. Stratton Security provides professional guard teams for various areas, including houses, buildings, apartments, offices, shops, and more. Currently, it announces that the services available are also compatible for needs like construction security.

Almost similar to other company services, the guards are trained to do their jobs well, including doing patrols and keeping the areas from any problem. Their job duties can also be customized based on the customers’ needs. For example, the customer can ask the guard to do security patrol services at night and in the morning. Besides, they also work to avoid vandalism in the construction area.

In some cases, customers can also hire not only one but also a group of security guards for extra protection. This service is recommended if the construction area is quite wide as that few people may not be able to do their jobs well. Additional requests commonly given by clients are whether the guards need to bring their weapons or not. No matter what request is asked, it is not a problem as long as it is still in line with regulations applied in Dallas.

Before hiring personnel, it is recommended for customers to do consultations first to get the best guards and services they need. The consultation session in security companies in Texas is conducted directly in the main office or via phone and email.

“A construction area indeed needs extra security for its location that is in the open area. Thanks to Stratton Security that has provided services and best guards I need. It was very helpful until the project is done.” – Nathan Hawke (a customer).

About Stratton Security

Stratton Security is a company that provides services of security guards. It provides teams of guards who are skillful, experienced, and professional. They are trained properly for their jobs as well as their backgrounds have been checked to provide the best services to customers.

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Phone: (866) 489-9919
Address:2650 Midway Rd Suite 238
City: Carrollton
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