Many People Turn to Ductless AC Systems in the Summer 6
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Many People Turn to Ductless AC Systems in the Summer

Many People Turn to Ductless AC Systems in the Summer

If a homeowner is looking for a more efficient method to remain comfortable during the hot summer months, then ductless air conditioning is a smart investment. A ductless system, which is also called a ductless mini-split system, is becoming a popular option because it is quieter, more compact, and a simpler method to cool any home. Learn more about the benefits offered by these systems here.

Fast Installation

The installation of a traditional HVAC system is a lengthy and complex process. Things get even worse if new ductwork is needed. The installation of a ductless air conditioner by or other professionals is quick and easy. This means a homeowner doesn’t have to be without cool air or a comfortable living space for very long. For a smaller home with just a few rooms, most service technicians can handle the job in as little as one day.

Ductless air conditioning units are also a great option if someone is building an addition to their home. They are also going to cost much less than having to extend the ductwork for the central HVAC system into the new portion of the home.

Personalized Comfort

If people in the house seem to squabble over the temperature in a home, a ductless system will help to end the fight. With units in various areas of the house, it is possible to enjoy zoned temperature control. Every member of the family will be able to set the unit for the room they are occupying at their preferred temperature, which keeps everyone comfortable and happy.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A ductless air conditioning system will be more energy efficient for several reasons. This is going to help reduce total energy use and electric costs. A traditional HVAC system may also develop leaks in the ductwork that reduces the efficiency of the unit. If a homeowner wants to avoid this situation, they should install a ductless AC system with the help of Air & Energy .

Additionally, many air conditioners will use one- or two-speed compressors that will cycle off and on, keeping the home at the desired temperature. This means they are going to use more electricity. A ductless unit will use variable speed compressors that will make adjustments continuously to keep the home at a constant temperature. Because they won’t be switching off and on throughout the day, they are much more energy-efficient than traditional units.

Improve Indoor Air Quality 

If someone in the home suffers from asthma or allergies, then a ductless air condition system, installed by can help improve the air quality in the home. Unlike a more traditional HVAC system, ductless systems don’t have ductwork that allows debris, dust, or dirt to accumulate. Instead, it will use a multi-layer filtration system that helps reduce the total amount of pollutants, allergens, and dust that will come into the home, helping to keep it healthy and clean.

When someone is ready to invest in a new AC system, the ductless option is one of the best available. Be sure to hire professionals to help with the installation process.

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