Important Shipping Factors to Consider From Freight Companies in Dallas, TX to Product Packaging According to 5
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Important Shipping Factors to Consider From Freight Companies in Dallas, TX to Product Packaging According to

Shipping is big business these days. Without the logistics industry, the world’s supermarkets and department stores’ shelves would be bare. Ecommerce is placing an ever-growing demand on the industry as well. As of last year, more than 14 percent of retail purchases were made online. Analysts expected this amount to surge to more than 22 percent over the next few years. Of course, once the pandemic took hold, global shipping figures soared well beyond that prediction, and they’re not expected to slow down any time soon.

Understanding the Important Aspects of Shipping

Several factors should be taken into account when it comes to shipping products according to How items are shipped affects businesses in numerous ways. From major international corporations to small-scale, e-commerce shops, any company that ships items to the public should understand the importance of their shipping methods and all the elements surrounding them.


Whether conducting B2B or B2C sales, time is of the essence when you’re shipping products. Customers expect to get their orders quickly. In many cases, they need to receive those products within a specific time frame. Failure to deliver when expected could result in lost business. When you’re looking into logistics companies like CSA Transportation, be sure they’re able to transport goods in a reasonable amount of time.


Logistics is a complicated field, to say the least. Some carriers deliver locally whereas others have international reach. Certain shipping companies only offer land-based services whereas others provide land, sea, and air shipping. That being said, a select few have entire networks of logistics partners, giving them virtually unlimited range as noted in the recent article, Parnity creates global networking platform for freight forwarders. Keep this in mind when deciding how and with whom to ship products.


Though shipping methods and companies are significant aspects, how products are packaged factors into the equation as well. After all, they have to get to consumers’ hands intact. Packaging can mean the difference between continually surging sales and losing money and customers due to high return rates. At times, product packaging is designed to protect handlers as well. Several types of shipping crates, cartons, and other types of packaging are available, many of which you can look at here . Be sure you choose the right ones for your products.


Consumers know they’re purchasing from your company, but they like to see a certain amount of consistency in the products they order. This means it’s important to use packaging as a marketing and branding tool when possible. Whether you have specially designed shipping crates emblazoned with your company logo or use standard cardboard boxes for transport and reserve the branded packaging for what’s inside, your image needs to be present in some capacity.

Logistics is crucial to any business that ships products. Its effects trickle down from the companies sending out products to other businesses and consumers. From choosing the right freight company to designing your basic product packaging, all these aspects and many others come into play when developing your shipping plan.

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