Waxahachie Couple Steps Out on Faith, Opens Super Sliders

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Waxahachie Couple Steps Out on Faith, Opens Super Sliders

Super Sliders In Waxahachie, Inspired by Superheroes

COVID-19 has taken many things from people, but Chris Brown and his wife Carrie refused to let it take away their dream of opening their own restaurant.

So they opened Super Sliders restaurant at 1313 Main St. in Waxahachie by Getzendaner Park. They are open for dine-in, pick-up and delivery.

While the idea of opening a restaurant during a coronavirus pandemic might seem odd to some, they decided to try and buck the odds – and so far it has worked.


“We really like a challenge. Just kidding,” Carrie said with a smile. “We started our (catering) food truck in 2018, and after two amazing years we decided to jump in to a brick-and-mortar. It took over a year for us to settle on an exact location. We were all over the place, but knew that Waxahachie was where our hearts were.”

They found their location and started construction in 2019. As fate would have it, completion coincided with the coronavirus outbreak, leaving them with a choice to make.

“We had moments in March where we considered walking away, but ultimately felt that we wanted to trust in God’s timing, so we continued to move forward,” Carrie said.

“When the pandemic started we had two choices, give up all that we had invested in time, money, and hard work, or trust that God brought us here and will see us through, so we opened up on faith.”

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Winning fans

Of course they follow COVID-19 protocol, but building a new batch of customers during one of the scariest times America has seen in a long time was a huge challenge. They’ve managed to do so, however.

“I feel that we could obviously be doing better if we were not in a pandemic, but considering that we are, I feel that we are doing well,” Chris said. “We have several people that eat here multiple times a week. We are seeing and hearing great feedback. I think the success that we have had is due to my amazing wife. She works tirelessly keeping up with social media, has such an amazing personality, and treats everyone who comes in like family. Our goal has been to put out great-tasting food and make people feel like family.”

Carrie sang equal praises for Chris.

“We have an amazing restaurant with amazing food, thanks to my incredibly talented husband. We have almost all of our kids working for us, and even some of their friends, an amazing community who has supported and encouraged us, what else could a couple ask for?” she said.

As for the menu, it draws from their love of superheroes and comic books.

“I’ve always loved superheroes, and I feel that everyone can relate to superheroes both young and old,” Chris said.

Chicken and waffles sliders
Photo courtesy of Super Sliders facebook page

“We wanted to offer an atmosphere that was as fun and as awesome as our food, a place where kids and parents can get away from the TV, video games and cell phones and escape for even just a meal,” Carrie said.

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The kids’ area includes little food trucks and kitchens where children can likewise use their imagination.

The menu is much more than sliders, which come in a variety of styles, including buffalo, chicken and waffles, brisket, pulled pork, grilled and fried chicken, BLT, sloppy Joe, and of course, a hamburger slider. As far as a specialty goes, the pig fries are creating quite a buzz, flavored with Chris’s homemade fry seasoning and topped with smoked pulled pork, drizzled with barbecue sauce, bacon, and his secret sauce.

Keeping it clean

And Chris said even if there weren’t a COVID-19 pandemic, they pride themselves on being one of the cleanest businesses around.

“Even if we weren’t in a pandemic, sanitation is extremely important to me. We keep surfaces sanitized, we keep food fresh and at proper temperatures, and I even installed a hand-washing sink up front well before this pandemic started,” he said.

“We really are not doing anything that we wouldn’t do if there wasn’t COVID-19,” Carrie said. “On the food truck we had a no take-back rule, meaning we never take anything from outside of the truck from anyone and bring it on the truck, for sanitary reasons. We have that same concept in the restaurant. We are handling other people’s food, we treat it the way we would hope others would treat our meals.”

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Chris, 45, grew up in Red Oak. Carrie, who claims to be 21 forever, is from the Arlington/Mansfield area. Carrie said they sort of met in the middle, and now they live in Waxahachie, having married 13 years ago.

“God runs the show in our house. He has blessed us with five kids, a daughter-in-law and a grandson,” Chris said.

The two also share a passion for motorcycles, along with helping first responders and military through PTSD and suicide prevention. They belong to the Servant Souls Riding Club, who they also call family.

They are also serial entrepreneurs, Chris said, having owned several businesses. He’s had a culinary degree since 2002, but has over 25 years experience in kitchens. Prior to getting back into food, he owned a company handling claims for moving companies.

“It was very successful but my passion is food, so I found my way back,” Chris said.

super sliders

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