11 New COVID-19 Deaths Reported In Ellis County 6
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11 New COVID-19 Deaths Reported In Ellis County

DSHS Changes COVID-19 Fatality Reporting

Today the number of COVID-19 deaths in Ellis County increased from 21 to 32. Looking through the Excel spreadsheet on the DSHS dashboard the 11 new fatalities did not occur all at once. The data reflects new deaths on: one on 6/25, one on 6/27, two on 6/28, one on 6/29, one on 7/1, one on 7/2, one on 7/10, one on 7/13, one on 7/14, and one on 7/16.

DSHS notes there are changes to the way fatalities are being reported.

From the DSHS dashboard:

DSHS graphic on changes in COVID19 fatality reporting

July 27: DSHS is now reporting COVID-19 fatality data based on death certificates. A fatality is counted as a COVID-19 fatality when the medical certifier attests on the death certificate that COVID-19 is a cause of death.

This change means fatalities may be counted sooner and demographic data will be more comprehensive. Also, fatalities can now be displayed by date of death, presenting a more complete view of deaths over time. Fatalities are reported by county of residence.

As of July 27, 2020 at 4:35 pm DSHS reports Ellis County has a total of 2,268 COVID-19 cases. They report 1,928 of those are recoveries, 32 are fatalities and 308 cases are active.

DSHS COVID-19 Math Breakdown

2,268 Total COVID-19 Cases – 1928 recoveries = 340 cases

340- 32 fatalities= 308 active cases

The numbers add up!


screenshot of Ellis County COVID19 trends

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