Rising Reggae Artiste DiTruth Wins Battle with COVID-19 To Top Reggae Charts Worldwide 6
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Rising Reggae Artiste DiTruth Wins Battle with COVID-19 To Top Reggae Charts Worldwide

Rising reggae artiste, DiTruth recently won his battle with the Covid-19, to top several global reggae charts with his newly released album, Therapeutic. According to the fast rising artiste, the album was released on the Stubban Gad Label on March 30, 2020 under much duress, but has managed to make great inroads into several global reggae markets with some well received tracks. The album, Therapeutic, an unconventional styled album, comprises 16 tracks of a variety of musical styles, but very entertaining, vibezy, motivating, and inspirational.

According to DiTruth, the album Therapeutic, was designed to capture a wide reggae music audience, including both genders, different ages, and different musical tastes. DiTruth also stated, “I wanted to also showcase to my audience and fans, my versatility as a songwriter and and singer”. The versatile artiste in his own words, explained, “I named the album Therapeutic because of the nature of the songs, and their potential effect on the mind. I intended to achieve certain objectives with the songs. These included, reaching out to our youths in todays society, particularly those left behind socially and economically, to inspire, and motivate them, and effect some changes in the current self-destructive mindset. I wanted to to raise their awareness of their abilities, and potentials to succeed, despite seemingly impossible odds. We wanted to foster self-confidence in the youths”. He went on to explain how certain songs from the album, Therapeutic, highlight the importance of showing these youths that we have not written them off, and that they are not forgotten. Per, DiTruth the album also strives to provide solace to people currently feeling a sense of confusion, despair, and helplessness, in the current pandemic and it’s economic fallout. “The album Therapeutic, is a voice for the voiceless, fosters expressions of feelings of intimacy in intimate relationships, something that appears to be currently lacking in todays society of youths, as evidenced by the content of much of the current music”, the artiste stated. The variety of songs and the sweet voice of this smooth reggae crooner certainly makes for a special treat for every one that buys this album.

When asked to describe his response to the dramatic success of the album, the ever thoughtful artiste replied that he already knew and believed that he had a quality project that would make an impact globally, but he was honestly shocked by the rapid overwhelming responses to it, and it’s quick rise to three on the Itunes Top 100 Reggae Album chart. DiTruth however, mentioned that he was confident he had a good project, based on local as well as international feedback, and once properly marketed, the result would be legendary, given it’s quality.

He pointed out that while his team understands that YouTube streaming is the preferred focus of most local artistes, his team placed their focus on the international scene in order to take advantage of vastness of that market. DiTruth expressed much confidence in the success of His project going forward.

Ditruth revealed that the strong root of their success, lies in his marketing team’s focus on online marketing, press releases, radio promotion, street promotion, and targeting countries with a strong appeal for authentic reggae music. He also talked about the importance of his team’s collaboration with DJs in the US, Jamaica, as well as the rest of the world at large, in getting the music out there.

DiTruth paid tribute to the team of Producers who worked together to make Therapeutic a reality, and now an impending resounding success. The producers of the tracks of Therapeutic, includes DiTruth himself, executive producer, Rudo “Stubban” Irving, Isiah ” Zhy” Beecher, Luchen “Blazer” Roye. The labels involved involve were Stubban Gad Musik, Zyhadon Production, and BRP records. Contributions from recordings Studios, E2 Recording Studio, PMA Recording Studios where the songs were recorded, as well engineering contributions from Sanjay “Syntax” Bell, Taj, Paul Andrejack, Zahiem Beats, OGE beats.

Asked to shed some light on his background, DiTruth revealed that he was from the scenic parish of Portland, Jamaica, and grew up between the towns of Port Antonio and Orange Bay. “My birth name is Paul Atkinson”, he stated. The artiste described his beginnings and evolution as a reggae artiste. “I have been making up songs, and singing since I was small, and spent a lot of times around community sound systems back then, singing and DJ-ing with my friends”, he stated. He went on, smiling,” I was actually more of a DJ (Like a rapper) than I was a singer back then, even though I sang very well in between”. The artiste stated that after High school he, worked for a few years then attended The College of Agriculture in Portland, got married while he was still in college, soon after started a family and music was placed on the back burner.

He however could not forever steer away from music, and said many years later the music returned to his life, in a weird kind of way. “It was my friend Turban-X, an aspiring reggae singer who inadvertently re-introduced music to me. Soon I started going to the record studio with him, subsequently voicing and recording my first song Garvey Philosophy Mi Seh”. The artiste revealed that since then he has been writing and recording professionally, and has self-produced most of his songs. The artiste expressed pride in being the writer of all of his songs, and expressed the profound satisfaction he derives from songwriting. “I was always good at making up songs, and I loved to sing and create”, the artiste stated. I have been recording about 9 years now”.

DiTruth revealed that he has always kept a 9 to five job, while being active in music. He expressed difficulty balancing work, family and music, as well as the challenge the combination poses. He stated that he never had a team until one and a half year ago.

It was then things got really serious and he acquired more resources which helped to propelled him in the right direction and frame of mind.

Even now, when some might find it difficult to connect the dots to get radio plays, DiTruth, explained that his team works hard and has been relentless in the street, as well as with international promotion with full commitment. He added that the quality of his music, commitment, self-belief, hard work by his team, and teamwork created the necessary balance, and though proud, he still remains very humble.

In few noble words he stated that, “I want my album to be remembered as therapeutic and filled with love. This is why my team and I felt that it was the most appropriate title.”

Their hope is that after listening, the fans will be left with such therapeutic sentiments.

We finally asked him, “What kept you going after been diagnosed with Covid_19 virus, knowing you had just finished your Album, and was about release it on the market? He started by saying, “I am so thankful to be alive today to even be able to answers these question and would like to thank my daughter who is a tower of strength to me, and my wife, for helping us getting through it all, it is also by with the grace of God and his mercy.” Now with that said, I knew I had to fight with everything in me to see this through, because something inside told me the, message I have in this album is Therapeutic and the world needed to hear it! DiTruth closed by saying, “I am very happy they have received it with such love, thanks to all who keep pushing and supporting me.”

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