Haiqeem is at the forefront of Dallas’ up-and-coming rock scene 6
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Haiqeem is at the forefront of Dallas’ up-and-coming rock scene

Hakeem is an Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter, and the leader of his eponymous Hard Rock Band, ‘Haiqeem’.

Alternative singer and songwriter, Haiqeem was born in Oklahoma City, in the early nineties. Creator of the single ‘Sorrow’, Haiqeem has been practicing music ever since he was nine years old. Throughout his childhood, he played music in various talent shows around town, and developed a background in classical music. During his freshman year at college, he wrote and produced his first album, ‘Nothing Sweeter’. ‘This was followed by ‘Socialite’ a year later, in 2011. Both the songs happened to become minor web successes. In 2013, Haiqeem made one final attempt at noise music, with ‘Finally Over You’, which turned out to be a commercial blunder.

However, Haiqeem remained undeterred, and took advantage of the Huku records. He met Juno award nominated Producer, M. Yates, who was able to use Haiqeem’s songwriting ability to produce the 3 track EP, Without My Permission. Moving away from noise music, into Hard-Rock and Post-Grunge, this album is sure to be a commercial success. Recently, the band has signed a deal with the Universal musical group/Ingrooves.

The band’s most recent single, ‘Sorrow’, is considered to be one of the best songs in its genre. Haiqeem, along with his guitarist, Shelby Pamplin, has been able to create a powerful mix of metal, trap, and contemporary Pop-rock music. It is a track that explores the darkest side of the human soul, and has been written by Anna Tsuchiya and Lina Katina. ‘Sorrow’ allows listeners to appreciate the band’s versatility and flexibility, as well as Hakeem’s own command of the vocal instrument and his singing technique. Credit also goes to Chris Smith and Murray Yates for the production.

Talking about Haiqeem’s Rock 2020 Quarantine Music, the singer said, ‘Sorrow’ uses an allegory of a fallen angel in relation to current events. We didn’t really plan to release the song during a time where the world is in quarantine or self-isolating, and physical distancing, but it has given it an alternate meaning. Throughout this period, I have had to rely on technology to connect with my friends and fans online, which has been an exciting experience.”

Another one of the band’s releases, ‘Don’t Give a Damn’, is “an ‘angry’ song about not allowing non-conducive individuals to define themselves”, according to Haiqeem. Alongside grit and determination, this song is also reflective of the smart choices that the band has made. Haiqeem managed to find a signature style that works incredibly well and does not compromise the sound he has been gifted with; instead, Haiqeem owns it with confidence and genuine originality, and delivers a rock-solid performance. According to Jamsphere Magazine, “this is an unprecedented artistic metamorphosis”.

Haiqeem’s favorite music genre is Rock, because it believes that it is an extremely vast genre, with sub-categories ranging from Pop/Rock to Alternative Rock, over to Post-Grunge-Punk and Heavy Metal. Another reason the charismatic songwriter prefers Rock is due to its versatility, “allowing itself to utilize middle-eastern and now trap elements”.

Haiqeem’s followers continue to grow in numbers, and people can follow the artist on his Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Moreover, he also owns his own website: http://haiqeemmusic.com/

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