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MYAMECCA Is Offering Classes in All Levels of Reiki and Addiction Counseling

AMECCA stands for A Method for Evolutionary Change through Conscious Awareness and was conceived and founded by Mary E. Sims.

USA – April 07, 2020 – Maintaining a good metal health and being in touch with one’s true emotions doesn’t happen easily. It takes years of practice and requires concentration and dedication. In the hustle and bustle of people’s daily lives, often their health suffers and they end up in dark phases of their lives which might seem like impossible to come out of. In this regard, it’s important to reach out to professional help to overcome everything that comes in anybody’s path towards leading happy and peaceful life.

Embarking on this journey of soul cleansing needs to start with someone who knows the right process and has to tools to deal with them. This is why AMECCA becomes the perfect platform to overcome and start being aware of the fears (false evidence appearing real), addiction, anger, jealously, lack of confidence, depression, and suicide. The site is about making people aware of the power that lies within. AMECCA does this through awaking the consciousness because that serves as the tool for controlling these human emotions. AMECCA believes evolving the consciousness and shows people how to be aware of it and live in the moment as a result of that.

AMECCA is an idea that was born to help people with the vice of limited thinking and fear so that people can become all that they can be. At AMECCA, they have a strong desire to help each individual and remind them of the God-Self that is within. In order to help people with this, they have Reiki classes and other methods to help battle addiction.

Currently they are accepting donations for help with providing drug addiction counseling e-books and other reading material. They aim to add to their video equipment for their weekly podcast for other classes in Reiki Healing and other self help topics. They have various classes that users can choose from. Their drug addiction counseling classes called My New Life are priced at $100 every month and is valid for 3 months. Their My New Mind classes are priced at $75 every week and is valid for two weeks. These classes concentrate on Reiki healing implementing, intuition and hearing the inner voice, and dream interpretation.

About AMECCA founder

AMECCA was founded by Mary E. Sims who was born on March 11, 1954. She started her writing career in 1969 by writing articles for her high school newspaper. Her second book, An Angel Without a Name: Hearing Your Voice is a sequel to her first book, Going Home another Way: The Journey Begins Within. Mary is the mother of two sons and she owned an upholstery shop in Dallas, Texas for over 25 years. She is a massage therapist, a Reiki Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and a Past Life Regression Therapist. She has a heightened sense of awareness and has the gift of psychic abilities. She cultivates these skills continuous through her writings.

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