Hybrid ABA Therapy Program in Carrollton, Richardson, Dallas and More Cities Across TX 6

Hybrid ABA Therapy Program in Carrollton, Richardson, Dallas and More Cities Across TX

Center-Based ABA Therapy in Carrollton TX – Behavior Pioneers
Behavior Pioneers is Helping ASD Kids Thrive. Their hybrid program for Autism therapy combines in-home and center-based therapy to help children with Autism work on a comprehensive set of skills that enable them to adapt in a variety of settings.

Dallas, Texas – March 26, 2020 – While expert discussions about in-home versus in-clinic or center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy continue on, the Autism services in Dallas provided by Behavior Pioneers have found proven success with a hybrid program that combines the best of both worlds. This approach allows interventionists to incorporate the advantages and minimize the challenges of each type of ABA therapy. Families struggling with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Carrollton, Richardson, Dallas and other cities across Texas are benefiting from enrolling in this hybrid program.

ABA therapy in Dallas TX

Researchers have demonstrated that comprehensive behavior intervention can result in significant improvements in the lives of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Source: ASD; e.g.; Lovaas, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 55(1):3–9, 1987; McEachin et al., American Journal of Mental Retardation 97(4):359–372, 1993). Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic treatment that applies the principles of behavior to make meaningful changes in people’s lives, especially those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The therapists at Behavior Pioneers bring a depth of training and experience with credentials that include Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), as well as Master’s degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Low Incidence Disabilities and Autism, Child Development and Early Childhood Disorders. Throughout the Autism Services Centers in Carrollton, Richardson, Dallas, and other locations in TX, this team of child behavior therapy professionals works diligently to help children improve their social skills, communication and sense of independence.

Brian Tanenbaum, owner and clinical director at Behavior Pioneers says, “As practitioners of ABA therapy, we are confident that desired behaviors in a child with ASD can be achieved through a planned series of rewards and consequences. We recognize, however, that social skills and behaviors required in a home setting are different from those required outside of home—in a classroom, in a therapy center, on the playground, and so on. With our hybrid program for Autism therapy that combines in-home and center-based therapy, we help children with Autism work on a comprehensive set of skills and behaviors that enable them to adapt and integrate better in a variety of settings.”

When a family enrolls their child with Behavior Pioneers for child behavior therapy in Dallas, the first step is close observation. An ABA therapist collects and analyzes information on behavioral patterns and what triggers or reinforces them. In order to make positive and desirable behaviors habitual, the therapist begins by rewarding the child and positively reinforcing progress at every step. Scaling back on the rewards is easier to implement once the child accepts this desirable behavior as the ‘new normal’.

Considered by many experts as the gold standard in treating kids with ASD, ABA therapy in Dallas TX offers many advantages. It helps children develop the skills they need to socialize and form relationships. As behavior problems diminish, the child is encouraged to improve independent living skills, such as toileting, dressing, eating their meals, brushing teeth, and so on. The biggest advantage of the autism therapy in Carrollton TX offered by Behavior Pioneers is that the child’s parents, teachers, and caregivers can work alongside ABA therapists. They have the opportunity to learn how to integrate helpful and productive intervention methods in their daily interactions with the child.

The hybrid program offers a safe and positive learning environment for individuals of all ages who are affected by Autism.

About Behavior Pioneers:

The team at Behavior Pioneers aims to reduce challenging behaviors and increase overall life satisfaction for kids with ASD and their families. For more information, please visit https://behaviorpioneers.com.

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